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PRICE: $7.49 The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet Handbook is the definitive, must have "bible" of sugar-free eating that leads sanity with food and dramatic, easy weight loss. This is a 49-page instantly downloadable e-book. Purchase of the Handbook enables you to free and unlimited access to all the tools available at . Note that downloadable products are not returnable or refundable.

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PRICE: $14.99 The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet System Value Package includes a total of 5 instantly downloadable e-books: 1)The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet Handbook, 2) The Heal My Body Workbook, 3) The Success Journal, 4) The Snack Cookbook, and 5) The Dessert Cookbook. Purchase of the Value Package enables you to free and unlimited access to all the tools available at . The Value Package price of $14.99 is a 40% discount and a $22.50 savings off the individually priced items. Note that downloadable products are not returnable or refundable.

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PRICE: $14.99. This value package includes the Breakfast Collection, Lunch Collection, Main Course Collection, Veggie Collection, Soup Collection, Salads and Dressings Collection, and the Italian Collection. Each one includes 15 to 30 easy, tasty, tested recipes. The value package price of $14.99 is a huge savings of $24.93 off the individually priced cookbooks.

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COACHING-By Phone or Skype: 1.5 Hours of personal coaching for Sugar-Free Miracle Diet

Coaching as needed for getting started with The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet. 30-mintue start-up session followed by 4 15-minute weekly sessions.

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COACHING: 30-day stopping program

Price: $300, with the potential for a $100 refund for successfully completing the program and providing a testimonial. Learn, practice and live four(4) powerful, life-saving stopping skills for mind, spirit, heart and body. Receive and respond to online daily content and skill-building exercises by email.

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The Power to Stop

Stopping as a Path to Self-love, personal power and enlightenment
A 30-day do-it-yourself spiritual training program that stops bad habits, undoes out-of-control behaviors and ends substance abuse problems. The unwanted behavior is used to develop self-love, personal power and moments of enlightenment. The secret of success is the experience of self-love, which is learned through four easy, practical stopping skills. There's a skill for the mind, a skill for the spirit, a skill for the heart and a skill for the body. Each skill by itself is very powerful and produces a calming result; however, the disciplined combination of all four skills amplifies the intention to stop and leads to a full life expression of stopping.

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The Book of Love

How to use difficult people and challenging situations to become your Christ-Self.

It's easy to be kind and loving when things go your way, but it takes great intention, willingness and skill to be loving when people cross you. This book gives you the inspiration and 7 practical, sanity-saving tools to experience yourself as unconditional Love. You are the Second Coming. This is how the Christ manifests itself on Earth.

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10 Radiant Ideas

How to systematically reconsider your basic beliefs about God, but completely without religion, structure or ritual of any kind.

Most of us hold unexamined ideas about God that have been passed down from generation to generation. Your beliefs about God are very important. This is because your beliefs drive your decisions; your decisions drive your behavior, and your behavior determines your happiness.

10 Radiant Ideas does the service of opening your mind to 10 radically new, unconditionally loving and benevolent ideas about God.

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