Descriptions for seminars and bootcamps are listed below in alphabetical order. Any program can be privately scheduled for groups of 10 or larger.

An Introduction to A Course In Miracles

The Revolutionary Path of Love through God Without Organized Religion

Do you want more love in your life?
Do you want the profound, transformative, deeply comforting experience of unconditional love?
Even more, are you curious about a wholly love-based path to God that has no churches, no rituals, no rules, no groups to join, no human leaders to follow, no donations to make?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, A Course In Miracles (a/k/a ACIM or the "Course") will be of interest and use to you. The Course is unlike any other path to God. In part, this is because it’s the experience of a deep, direct, personal connection with God. The goal of the Course is to recognize Self as a wholly creative, wholly loving being and to become an unshakeable Source for love.

An unconditionally love-based life experience love sounds like an easy cliche, but it's not. And why? Because everything you believe and everything you practice about love has to be re-examined. Many socially acceptable, seemingly loving practices are actually subtle blocks to love. A radical, revolutionary press of the reset button is needed to neutralize and undo them. The God Without Organized Religion seminar introduces a simple, actionable baseline strategy for reconsidering what it means to be a loving being. It also opens the door for a higher level of personal awareness, sometimes described as Christ consciousness.

In addition to the moving experience of Self as love, the God Without Organized Religion seminar has three objectives. The first is to provide a meaningful overview of A Course In Miracles, including how it came about, its controversies, it's transformative power and it's basic principles. The second is to provide for a reading and discussion of the Text and the Workbook, two of the fundamental books that are part of the Course. And the third is to expose participants to the six powerful, practical Course tools that lead to inner peace, connection with God and a more loving life experience.

The first half of the seminar is more lecture based. The second half is more experience based. There is no recruiting or pressure to become a Course practitioner or to change your current belief system. This is simply an opportunity to hear ideas that you won't hear elsewhere and to determine for self if they appeal or inspire. Appropriate for open-minded people of all religions and no religions. ?

What to Bring

Bring a notebook and something to write with. Bring your own lunch and snacks.

What is Provided

Water, coffee and tea provided. Excerpt from Course Text and Workbook are provided.

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It's the Sugar, Stupid!

How caloric sweeteners make you fat, sick and tired

As a nation, our consumption of fats has gone down, yet our rates for obesity and type 2 diabetes continue to skyrocket. Why? It's because sugars and other caloric sweeteners (like HFCS and agave syrup) are the real culprit in the diet.

Caloric sweeteners make you hungry and crazy with food. They're also the type of food most likely to increase your body fat and to increase your girth, particularly the size of your waist. Even more, caloric sweeteners have a dramatic impact on metabolism and likewise have a dramatic impact on fatigue and life energy.

That's not all. Caloric sweeteners are toxic. They predispose you to chronic low-grade systemic inflammation. They predispose you to the increased production of bad cholesterol and the decreased production of good cholesterol. And they make it more likely you'll get every major disease you don't want.

It really is the sugar, stupid. Learn how sugar and high fructose corn syrup are more similar than different; why it's essential to become a sugar detective, and other practical strategies for getting these harmful substances out of your diet.

What is Provided

Complete list of caloric sweeteners

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Sweet Nothings

The truth about artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, stevia and blends

To eat or not to eat artificial sweeteners, that’s the basic question we explore in this presentation. What’s the difference, for example, between artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, stevia and all the confusing blended products found on grocery store shelves? Are some safer or at least less objectionable than others? What are the guidelines for daily consumption, and will these substances actually result in weight loss, lower blood sugar or a reduction in food cravings? Get answers to all these questions and participate in a short how to exercise so you can independently interpret product labels and make smart, informed decisions about what you put in your mouth.

What is Provided

A large sample of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohol-type products are provided for label review and taste-testing.

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The End Food Addiction Boot Camp

Get caloric sweeteners out, put fat back in, and eat yourself thin

Are you sick and tired of being crazy with food? Do you binge eat or experience frequent out-of-control eating episodes? Are you fed up with low-fat/low-calorie diets where you have to eat like a bird and everything is tasteless? Do you want to lose 8-10 pounds every month while you eat yourself thin? If you said “YES” to any of these questions, The End Food Addiction Bootcamp is for you. This is the program you’ve been looking for and you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

The Bootcamp combines two one-of-a-kind, transformative programs: The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet and The Power To Stop.

The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet is dramatically different than every other diet on the planet. Why? Because it has dual goals of stopping out-of-control eating, easy weight loss, and loss of inches around the belly. You will get sugar and other caloric sweeteners out. These are trigger foods that prompt hunger, cravings and binge eating. You will put dietary fat back in. Fat is essential for satisfaction and enjoyment of food. And you will eat yourself thin with big food volume. No hunger, no empty belly, no cravings. Just like that.

In addition to learning a practical, life-changing eating program, participants also get a set of four simple, essential tools for stopping self. These tools are adapted from Karen Bentley's bestselling Power to Stop program. There's a tool for the mind, a tool for the spirit, a tool for the heart and a tool for the body. Each tool by itself is powerful and produces a result, but when all four tools are combined and implemented in a systematic way, the power to stop self is amplified and becomes an enjoyable whole life experience.

The morning session of the End Food Addiction Bootcamp includes an overview of the reasons why sugar (and other caloric sweeteners) leads to obesity and health problems, a complete explanation of The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet system, a practical lesson in how to become a sugar detective, the development of a weekly meal plan, and the creation of a weekly shopping list.

The afternoon session of the End Food Addiction Bootcamp is focused on an explanation and application of the four essential stopping tools. This includes a short meditation period, light exercise, role playing and creative exercises.

The End Food Addiction Bootcamp is an energetic, informative can-do day devoted to you and your goals having to do with your body. The body is not what’s most important about you, but a functional body is less distracting and less of an inhibition. Getting rid of blocks related to your body makes life more enjoyable. It will make you feel like joining in rather than hiding out.

Even more, taking care of yourself is a demonstration of self-love, and you do want this. When you consistently demonstrate that self is worthy of care, you begin to develop the inner power to tackle other life problems. Don’t worry about fixing everything else in your life. For now, just solve this one problem with food. It’s enough.

NOTE: Fee includes a light sugar-free/wheat-free lunch and a Kindle copy of The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook by Karen Bentley

What to Bring

Bring a journal and something to write with. Wear loose clothes, suitable for light exercise. If you don't want direct contact with the floor, bring your own exercise mat or towel.

What is Provided

Water, coffee and tea are provided. A cold, sugar-free lunch is provided. A free Kindle copy of The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook is emailed to you.

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The Love Seminar

Use your most challenging relationship(s) to become a wholly loving being

The goal of The Love Seminar is to develolp the will and the skill to become a wholly loving being, which is referred to as the Christ-self. The term "Christ" is used in a non-denominational, non-religious way to identify the divinity that dwells within us all.

Participants select their most difficult and challenging current relationship to temporarily transcend (override) the ego and manifest the Christ-self. Seven powerful, practical, easy-to-use tools are introduced and practiced for overriding hateful thoughts or feelings and for neutralizing conflict. This is a deeply spiritual program that involves periods of meditation and communion with the Christ-self.

The seminar format is a combination of lecture, lively group discussion, role-playing, and other enjoyable activities. This is not a support group experience where participants share sad stories or solicit sympathy because a challenging life situation. Love is always joyful, inspired and uplifting, not sorrowful.

The Love Seminar is based on ideas and practices from A Course In Miracles, also known as ACIM or simply the Course. The Course is a non-religious path to God and is the most profound and complete spiritual resource of our time. There's no need to be familiar with the Course or pressure to become a Course practitioner. The ideas discussed are harmless and universal. People of all religions or of no religion will have an affinity for them.

What is Provided

Bring a journal and something to write with.

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