10 Radiant Ideas

10_radiant_ideas10 Radiant Ideas introduces you to ten exquisite love-based ideas about God, but they are ideas that are completely and totally
independent of any organized religion. Many of us hold ideas about God that are very old. They have been passed down by our parents, who got
the ideas from their parents, who got the ideas from their parents, and on and on.

It’s important to examine these ideas because your beliefs drive your decisions. Your decisions drive your attention and your behavior. And your
behavior determines your happiness. The idea that God is Love and only Love is very important for your spiritual fitness because you cannot
whole-heartedly go towards something you’re afraid of. So to make progress, it’s absolutely essential that you undo your fear of God. Some
people are hesitant about being exposed to new or different ideas about God, but there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing can happen to you and
nothing will happen to you unless you choose to change your mind about what you believe. This puts you in the driver’s seat.

10 Radiant Ideas does the service of opening your mind to radically new, unconditionally loving and benevolent ideas about God. And,
of course, once the mind is opened, anything becomes possible. Anything. The book is based on key principles from A Course In Miracles,
which is also known by the acronym ACIM or simply as the Course. 10 Radiant Ideas is often used as a primer by
Course teachers for new Course students.

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