ACIM Seminar: Introduction to A Course In Miracles

The revolutionary path of love through God without organized religion

• Are you curious about an exquisitely love-based thought system that enables you to experience more love in your life?

• Would you like to know more about a deeply spiritual path to God but without the encumbrances of organized religion?

ACIM coverPlease join me, Karen Bentley, in Southern New Hampshire (close to Boston) for a joyful, one-of-a-kind day devoted to experiencing the Love that is your Truth!  

A Course In Miracles (also called ACIM or “the Course”) is radically different than any other spiritually-oriented program or religion. For one thing, there’s no group to join, no human leaders to follow, no donations to make, no rituals to observe, no churches to attend, no sacrifice to make, no rules to obey. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

William Harman, PhD, President of the Institute of Noetic Science and former University of California regent says it’s “perhaps the most important writing in the English language since the Bible.” People who have experience with the Course talk about its deeply calming and profoundly transformative power. Yes, other thought systems are available, but none are as easily accessible or as efficient as the Course. No matter what happened or didn’t happen in your past, A Course In Miracles makes it possible to have the life-changing, enriching experience of unconditional love.

Set your heart on fire with Love…
You will learn…

  1. A meaningful overview of A Course In Miracles, including how it came about, its power to change your mind, its controversies, and its basic principles.
  2. A reading from and discussion about two fundamental Course resources: The “Text” and the “Workbook.”
  3. An opportunity to personally experience the six powerful Course tools for training and calming the mind, for connecting with God, and for being Love under any condition, most especially the ones that press your buttons.

More than anything else, A Course In Miracles teaches how to experience Self as a source and force for Love in this crazy, contradictory and often-disappointing world.

The first half of the seminar is more lecture and discussion-based. The second half of the seminar is more experience-based. Both sessions are unforgettable, practical, energizing, provocative.

Bottled water is provided. Bring your own snacks, lunch or other drinks.

karenKaren Bentley is your passionate Ambassador of Love

“Hi folks. I get enormous pleasure and satisfaction from sharing my awareness of Love. I try to make my message as beautiful and insightful and inspiring as I’m able. There’s no recruiting for ACIM participants. No pressure. No hype. Just a lot of uplifting information you won’t hear elsewhere.”

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