End Food Addiction Bootcamp

Do you want to normalize your eating?
Would you like to lose weight while you’re at it!
Are you FINALLY ready to feel good about yourself and your body? 

There’s a way to fully and completely satisfy yourself with food without eating a whole box of Oreos or a whole bag of chips.

Learn how to get through a whole day, a whole week, a whole month and the rest of your life without obsessing about food or what you’re going to eat at your next meal.

Start losing up to 10 pounds a month without starving yourself, without exercising your brains out, without counting carbs, and without worrying about every little bit of fat you put in your mouth.

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Sound good?  Then please join me, Karen Bentley, at my one-of-a-kind End Food Addiction Bootcamp.  The Bootcamp is a jam-packed day dedicated to teaching a simple, no-fail eating strategy, four powerful and proven tools for reducing tension and making life work better, and a way to set your own heart on fire by living with passion and purpose.      

There are two kinds of eaters in the world.  People who stop eating when full and who use food for nutrition and people who don’t.  If you’re in the second group, you already know it, and this one-of-a-kind bootcamp is just for you.

The End Food Addiction Bootcamp is unique because it solves two problems at once:  the problem of out-of-control eating and the problem of being overweight because of out-of-control eating.   Other programs only focus on one problem at a time.  Typical diets, for example, provide a solution for weight loss, but they don’t address the problem of out-of-control eating and often exacerbate it.  Consequently, conventional diets don’t work.  Or more accurately, they don’t work for long.  And yes, out-of-control eating might be helped by talk therapy, but talk therapy takes a long time, the type and quality of therapy varies depending on your therapist, and it might cost a lot of money.  What’s more, you can’t talk your weight off, so it can also be disappointing as well.

There’s another better, faster, more affordable way.  The End Food Addiction Bootcamp is radically different because you start feeling better and looking better the moment you start the program.  You don’t have to wait for results.  You don’t have to resolve every underling problem in your life.  It all starts with three simple, proven strategies.

1. SECRET STRATEGY #1: How to eat in a way that leads to weight loss and that doesn’t trigger over eating, bing eating and/or out-of-control eating.  This always involves either eliminating or more consciously managing the consumption of caloric sweeteners and processed flours.

2. SECRET STRATEGY #2:  How to reduce tension and anxiety without relying on food for instant comfort.   The secret is four simple, easy to implement tools that anyone can use right away.

3. SECRET STRATEGY:  #3:  How to find and live your purpose in life.   Living on purpose and with purpose is a great source of upliftment that simultaneously makes food less important.  Who needs the booby prize of excess food when you can have genuine nourishment?

The End Food Addiction Bootcamp is a gift you give yourself, and no one else offers anything like it.  Anywhere.

You will learn…
  1. How sugar and other caloric sweeteners are toxic and addictive and why they need to be more consciously managed or eliminated from your food supply.
  2. Which alternatives to sugar are safest and best.
  3. How to become a caloric sweetener detective.
  4. Why fat is your friend and must be put back in your diet.
  5. Why 7 the simple eating guidelines are easy to implement and to live with.
  6. How to eat big food volume so that satisfaction and fullness is experienced.
  7. How to go to any party or eat out at any restaurant without pushing your triggers and pigging out
  8. Which wine, beer or alcohol to drink or not to drink.
  9. How to quickly and easily recover from eating mistakes without giving into them.
  10. How to comfort and calm yourself with three powerful, proven tools that don’t involve food.
  11. How to make your life work better with one amazingly simple tool that doesn’t require rehashing your past, solving every perceived injustice or being perfect.
  12. How to remember your purpose and take one step to living it more consciously.
What you need to know

The first half of the day is oriented around food.  The second half of the day is oriented around learning and directly experiencing the simple tools that will release tension and make your life work better.  Please bring your own notebook and something to write with.  Wear clothes that are suitable for light activity.

Water, a chicken salad lunch and fruit is provided.  All participants receive a Kindle copy of Karen Bentley’s Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook.

The Bootcamp is held in southern New Hampshire, easily accessed from the Boston area.  Address provided when you register.


SFM_Diet_HandbookKaren Bentley is a sugar-free living expert, an out-of-control eating “stopping sherpa” and an Ambassador of Love.

“Hi folks. I get enormous pleasure and satisfaction from sharing my awareness of how to break free from out-of-control eating. It’s my passion and purpose to make my message as practical, helpful and inspiring as possible, and I very much look forward to meeting you.”


Taking care of yourself is a demonstration of self-love, and you do want this.  When you consistently demonstrate that you’re worthy of your own self-care, you begin to develop the inner strength and power to tackle other life problems.  For now, don’t worry about anything else that isn’t working exactly the way you want it.  Just work on solving this one problem.  It’s enough.

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