FOOD NUTRITION LABEL: Update Coming in July 2018

images-2Yay.  The people have spoken and the government listened.  The FDA took two full years to review the 20-year old nutrition label that appears on most foods and drinks that come in a container, about 800,000 products.  Despite whining and objections from food associations and lobbies, the much needed changes will take place July 26, 2018.  Here’s a summary of what’s new:

1.  Serving sizes will more accurately reflect the portions that people typically eat.
2.  Calories per serving size appear in a huge font size so it can’t be missed.
3.  A new line for ADDED sugars will appear under total sugars. This will enable the consumer to identify what caloric sweeteners have been added to the recipe by the food manufacturer.
4.  Data for Vitamin D and Potassium will be mandatory to display.  Data for Vitamins A and C will be optional to display.
5. Daily intake recommendations for fiber, sodium, and Vitamin D will be displayed.
6. Unsaturated fats are presented as a healthy alternative to saturated fat.  Note that not all researchers and scientists view saturated fat as bad, but most do.

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