Join me at the MA Conference for Women

I’m presenting a session on SWEET NOTHINGS: the truth about artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols on Thursday, December 8th at the MA Conference for Women at the Boston Convention Center.  Sweet Nothings is being held from 4:15 to 4:35 in Exhibit Hall A in the Health & Wellness Pavillion.   Please join me.  It will be so much fun!

ma-speaker-promo-imageSweet Nothings Description:
To eat or not to eat artificial sweeteners, that’s the basic question we explore in this session.  What’s the difference, for example, between artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, stevia and all the confusing blended products found on grocery store shelves?  Are some safer or at least less objectionable than others?  What are the guidelines for daily consumption, and will these substances actually result in weight loss, lower blood sugar or a reduction in food cravings? Get answers to all these questions and participate in a short how to exercise so you can independently interpret product labels and make smart, informed decisions about what you put in your mouth.


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