Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients: Two Thumbs Way, Way Up!

NaturalStrategiesThis important book is for anyone who has cancer, had cancer, has a genetic predisposition towards cancer or who’s passionately interested in leading edge nutritional information. It’s featured on the Sugar-Free Institute site because sugars and caloric sweeteners are prominently highlighted as foods that promote the growth of cancers and make them behave more aggressively. “…Cancer cells, unlike normal cells, are restricted to using glucose as their main energy fuel,” says author Russell Blaylock, MD.

Blaylock persuasively and effectively drives home the message that cancer can be prevented, lessened, and possibly even cured by what you eat. Nutritional fitness is especially important for those dealing with chemo and radiation treatments because they do such great damage to the immune system.

His bottom line advice is to veggie overdose and to cut out caloric sweeteners, processed foods, additives and omega-six oils. Those are the supposedly-healthy polyunsaturated oils that every major health organization says you should eat. Blaylock also advocates supplementation and gives explicit advice about types, quantities and how to determine a good manufacturer from a not-so-good one.

Blaylock’s writing style is particularly smart and easy-to-read. He has the rare ability to explain complex ideas in a way that most people can understand. This book was so interesting, so informative and so filled with information you won’t find elsewhere, I literally could not put it down. Honestly, I finished it in two days with no skimming. I have read hundreds of books on diet and nutrition, and Natural Strategies stands way up and way apart from the pack.

Do yourself a favor, spend the $11 and give yourself or someone you love the gift of life.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Click on the link below to buy it at

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