The_Power_To_StopThe Power to Stop™ teaches the fundamental life skill called “stopping,” that anyone can learn. Every unwanted behavior can be stopped. No exceptions. If you’re struggling with a problematic habit or behavior, this is the book for you.

Stopping is about winning over the ever-present impulse to self-destruct. Some people feel this tricky impulse more persistently and insistently than others, and these people are the lucky ones.

Bentley’s message about stopping is completely radical. Completely revolutionary. Completely new, fresh and uplifting. It’s not a predictable rehash of 12-step ideology or pop psychology. There is no fear. No harm. No reliance on magic. No trips to the dark side. No confusion about strength and weakness.

The Power to Stop™ teaches four simple but powerful skills for mind, spirit, heart and body. Each skill produces a result by neutralizing the unwanted behavior. When, however, all four skills are systematically integrated in a disciplined way; stopping amplifies, becomes more potent and is experienced as a full life expression.

Karen Bentley is the world’s only stopping Sherpa. Sherpa’s lead the way and make the path easier, more doable and more enjoyable for others. The Power to Stop™ is the path to personal power, self-love and moments of enlightenment.

The Power to Stop™ is a bestseller on Amazon Kindle. For more information go to www.powertostop.com

Here’s what fans are saying about The Power to Stop™

The Power to Stop is within you. Embrace it and it will embrace you.
– Revs. Deborah and Paul Phelps, Miracles One Foundation Church

You don’t think you have the power to stop? Stop that thinking. You do have the power and now you have the tools.
– Rev. Tony Ponticello, Author of After Enlightenment and Co-founder of Community Miracles Center

power_to_stop_boot_camp I love Karen Bentley, she glows.
– Lisa Natoli, Author of Gorgeous for God

The Power to Stop is truly a treasure that will change your life.
– Robert and Mary Stoelting, Co-founders of Pathways of Light

The Power to Stop is designed to transform your spiritual understanding into a living reality. It’s well-written, funny, engaging, effective and practical.
– DavidPaul Doyle, Author of The Voice for Love

Finally, a book that offers a quick and effective way to stop those destructive behavior patterns we all struggle with.
– Rev Myron Jones, Author of Healing Family Relationships

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