Shame on the American Diabetes Association (ADA): One Thumb Down

american_diabetes_association_logoCheck out my expose about the American Diabetes Association that’s been published at This organization is totally ineffectual in constructing a message about how to prevent or even slow down the epidemic of type 2 diabetics. A measely 43-word paragraph about prevention is all the ADA offers to the public on their website. Yet PREVENTION is one of the ADA’s three critical missions in life. Huh?

Diet, what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat is a huge factor in preventing type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, when it comes to actionable diet information, the ADA’s type 2 diabetes website messaging is too generic and too watered down to be of much use. They offer more explicit information in their fee-based products, which seems pretty cheesey. Even worse, the ADA lags when it comes to addressing caloric sweeteners and processed foods as the key culprit in the type 2 diabetics diet. An easy, direct and powerful way to keep excess sugar out of the blood is by keeping sugar and foods that quickly convert to sugar out of the mouth, but the ADA doesn’t say this. This is beyond shameful. It’s a crime against humanity.

The ADA needs to step up its act in every way, especially when it comes to measuring and reporting results and becoming more efficient with the dollars they take in. The ADA’s efficiency, for example, is 12-13% behind the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

Please ask the ADA to get with the quality program before you pass out any more of your money. They need to focus much more on type 2 diabetics (this is 90% of the diabetes population). They need to measure and report baseline results. They need to give FREE, actionable prevention information away on their website. And they need to use their worldwide platform to actually say something useful rather than just blah blah words that take up space.

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