Sucanat: Is it better than table sugar?

Sucanat1Sucanat is the abbreviation of Sugar Cane Natural, and is a type of sugar. It’s marketed as natural, wholesome, healthier alternative to table sugar, but is it? Unlike an apple or a stalk of broccoli, sucanat cannot be picked off a plant, shrub or tree. Therefore, we know that sucanat is not a “natural” food. Yes. It undergoes less processing than table sugar, but it’s still a refined and processed food.

Sugar is made from either beets or sugar cane, but sucanat is only made from sugar cane. The sugar cane is crushed to create a juice. The juice is cooked and reduced into a syrup. The syrup is dehydrated to create large golden-brown sugar granules.

Sucanat and table sugar have many similarites. They both measure the same. They’re both heat tolerant and can be used in every cooking method. They both have 15 calories per teaspoon. Thus, there’s no reduced calorie benefit and there’s no reduced blood sugar benefit from using sucanat.

Sucanat is about 10% less sweet than sugar, but it has a stronger flavor because molasses has not been removed. Many people simply prefer the more robust flavor. Sucanat has 20 mgs of potassium and insignificant (trace) amounts of other minerals.

Oh, and one more thing. A 10-lb bag of sucanat costs about $45. A 10-lb bag of sugar costs about $6.

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