Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook

3dOne-of-a-kind weight loss program specifically designed for out-of-control eaters who want to break free of food addiction AND lose weight.  Now available in a fully-updated edition with 25% never-before published material.

In THE SUGAR-FREE MIRACLE DIET HANDBOOK, you’ll discover a simple, satisfying, doable eating program and body transformation system.  It’s been tested and proven for 18 years, since 1998, by Karen Bentley’s readers, seminar attendees and coaching clients.  These are real people in the real world who achieved their goal of normalcy with food and a pleasing body weight that’s proportional to height.

Other diets make out of control eating worse
Other diets exacerbate out-of-control eating.  This is the truth.  Low-fat and low-calorie diets lead to out-of-control eating and ultimately make it worse.  They’re simply not sustainable, and they create fear around food.  Sure you take off weight, but why bother with the same old process of restricting intake, counting calories and watching every milligram of fat?  It simply doesn’t satisfy, and without satisfaction you’re doomed.

Fat is your friend and so is food volume
In THE SUGAR-FREE MIRACLE DIET HANDBOOK, fat is your friend and so is food volume.  These two secrets are a strategic and helpful way of eating so that satisfaction and fullness can be experienced.  Always.  No empty belly.  No food that tastes like cardboard.  No tiny little portions that only a runway model can live on.  Satisfaction is essential.

sugarfree9It’s the sugar, stupid!
IT’S ALL ABOUT SUGARS AND FOODS THAT QUICKLY CONVERT TO SUGAR IN YOUR BLOOD.  These are the only two types of foods that need to be eliminated or carefully managed.  Sugars and foods that convert to sugars are toxic and fattening, and even worse, research proves they’re as addictive as cocaine.  These are the two substances that literally and figuratively make you crazy with food.  CRA-ZEE!!!!

The solution of abstaining or carefully managing these substances is the same as the solution for addiction to alcohol or drugs.  Life is simply easier without them or without much of them.  Once these substances are out of your food supply, food stops being scary.  There are no cravings.  Craziness stops or at least becomes infrequent.  Imagine life without worrying about food.  Imagine life without feeling bad about yourself because of food.

THE SUGAR-FREE MIRACLE™ DIET  HANDBOOK is the proven solution you’ve been looking for.

  • It gets caloric sweeteners and powdery flours out. These are the substances that make you crazy with food.
  • It puts fat back in. Fat is satisfying, delicious and filling and it doesn’t make you fat!
  • It allows you to eat yourself thin. You’ll be eating about 4 pounds of food every day. Impossible to be hungry.
  • It enables you to lose 8-10 pounds every single month. Yup, that’s right. 2 pounds a week, every week.
  • It makes you feel good about yourself because you’re not crazy anymore. And you also look good and feel good.


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