A very inspirational book to anyone who is struggling with self-destructive habits This “The Power to Stop” by Karen Bentley is a great book and you need to read it. The reason is it is such as book is because it focuses on the doing, “the stopping,” is what makes this a convincing program. Practice does not make perfect; only purposeful practice makes perfect. To live by example, not just in thoughts and in words, but also in deeds is to live with complete purpose.

The book contains a 30-day training program that could definitely be classified as a self-help workbook. The entire book, I found is extremely well-written and easy to understand; Karen uses personal stories and relevant examples for clarity. What a great story teller Karen is! Whenever, I surf websites for a positive thinking and addiction related books in the internet, such as Amazon.com, every time, I come across at least one talking about this practical guide book. Is Ms. Karen Bentley all over the airwaves, or are her stories just re-telleble?

Karen’s book will surely change the perception of people towards the addicted. Understand more about addiction, more about addictive psychology, more about how to help these people to get deaddicted. It will also help parents/relatives/ wifes/ husbands / brother / sister to understand their addicted relative. Indeed, the power to stop needs very little advance preparation or additional costs. With clarity and passion, she presents her ideas and provides an easy-to-follow framework that can be of benefit to anyone who struggles with self-destructive habits. This is truly a a friendly, practical and engaging plan of action for stopping self-destructive behavior.

I found this book equally inspirational to people community living in the South Asian counties, like Nepal. Many kudos to Karen. Madan

Dr. Madan Manandhar
Kathmandu, Sept 27, 2014

Karen Bentley's inspiring book, The Power to Stop, is just that: inspiring. What does the word inspiring mean? It implies that this is a book that shows a path to connection with Spirit. It is a book that tells me that without connecting to Spirit, without welcoming the Love within, there is no way to be free from limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior.

Karen Bentley's life story is a demonstration of the fact that spirit heals. Ms. Bentley's book gives the reader not only the blueprint for the journey to joy, it lays out the blueprint with infectious passion. If there be a healing message, what heals more than anything else is the sheer conviction of the one who delivers the message. It is conviction that jumps off every page of The Power to Stop. It is conviction which infuses every line with certainty. This conviction is the result of Knowing. Knowing is the result of deep introspection and the removal of barriers to Love. The only way to heal is to remove the barriers I have erected against Love.

In The Power to Stop, Karen Bentley brilliantly lays out a joyful and inspiring "how to." Has she herself removed all barriers? No. She does not claim to be enlightened. She makes no claim of Guru status. She very lovingly suggests that she is on the path with you and that she Knows this path is transforming her life as it will yours. She has no doubt. And knowing this work and knowing the passion Karen brings to this work I, too, have no doubt.

Anyone who struggles with substance issues, anyone who uses food to punish himself, anyone whose self-sabotage prevents the experience of true joy, peace and love, will find that The Power to Stop is truly a gem. You have this little book in your hands now...make the decision. You can do it and, more importantly, you are worth it!

Diederik Wolsak, RPC, MPCP
Program Director
Choose Again Attitudinal Healing Centers
Costa Rica and Vancouver, BC

Following any spiritual path or healing path needs one important component, the willingness to practice it. Talking about making changes in your life and actually making those changes are two different ideas. Here in this book Karen Bentley gives you easy, concrete steps to make the changes that become a testament to loving yourself whole-HEARTedly. Karen walks with you as one who has been there in the seemingly unstoppable behavior, an honest equal, who is now a loving guide who encourages you to be your authentic self as you release the chains that bind. The Power to Stop is within you. Embrace it, and it will embrace you.

Revs. Deborah and Paul Phelps
Founders, Miracles One Foundation Church

Stop. Read this book, The Power to Stop. Dedicate yourself to a love-based 30-day program. What behaviors in your life do you need to stop? Drinking alcohol? Binge eating? Promiscuity and risky sex? You can stop and Karen Bentley will help you. Or should I say “Cairn” Bentley like those Scottish piles of rocks that tell you which way to go. Feeling guilty about your addictive past and wasted life opportunities? Stop. You don’t think you have “The Power to Stop.” Stop that thinking. You do have the power, and now you have the tools. You also have an experienced coach, Karen Bentley.

Rev. Tony Ponticello
Author, After Enlightenment
Co-founder, Community Miracles Center

The Power to Stop is truly a treasure that will change your life. In this book Karen Bentley teaches ways to practice transcending the ego’s impulse to self-destruct. She shows you how to use your innate God-given power in the present moment to choose the Voice for God. We highly recommend this book!

Robert and Mary Stoelting
Co-founders of Pathways of Light

Developing a spiritual practice that can consistently restore us to the Truth is perhaps THE most important thing we can do in our lives. So many people are content with knowing wonderful spiritual sayings and truths. The problem is, understanding and believing the truth doesn’t really take us very far. Learning to integrate, choose and embody the Truth that we are in each moment is where the rubber meets the road, and that has nothing to do with belief.

The Power to Stop is designed to transform your spiritual understandings into a living reality. It’s well written, funny, engaging, effective and practical. If you’re truly ready to take the next step in living what you know to be True in your heart, now is the time to pick up this wonderful book and follow its instruction. If you do, I know your life will never be the same.

DavidPaul Doyle
Author, 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice
Co-founder, The Voice for Love

I love Karen Bentley. She glows. I am personally inspired by her beautiful example in helping people to access their power to stop any addictive behavior. This book is a miracle. Karen is upbeat, and this book is written in a fun way that really encouraged me to stick with the 30-day program. This book is a guide that can help anyone stop any out-of-control behavior, with some very simple practical tools to clear out the clutter in your head, in your life (and probably your fridge and cupboards, too.) This is a beautiful book that can change your life.

Lisa Natoli
Author, Gorgeous for God

Sign me up! I had the chance to read your work today and am motivated to begin a practice of refraining and not doing. I am a disciplined doer and love the idea of becoming a disciplined undoer. Your approach toward healing and addiction is organically solid, but I believe The Power to Stop holds a greater gift for living each day, the power of awareness and conscious choice. It reads like a recipe to end denial, the enemy of lovers of Truth.

I especially like that Spirit is an integral part of your solution. The references to Castaneda and ACIM evidence a thoughtfulness that will take your readers far beyond thirty days, (dare I say it?) into eternal mindscapes. The program promises a compelling mix of mysticism, shamanism, practicality, metaphysics, Love, big-hearted zeal and chicken soup: gifts and lessons for the soul that truly desires freedom.

If anyone can make “stop” appealing, it’s you dear Karen, master of abstinence and lover of the fullness of the unfettered life. I am determined to go stop now. I mean to stop going now…

MaryBeth Scalice, MA, EdD
Author, The Love of Your Life: The Jesse and Lily Intimacies Volume 1

Finally, a book that offers a quick and effective way to stop those destructive behavior patterns we all struggle with. I know. Other books have made this claim, but The Power to Stop really delivers! Imagine being able to master that lifelong behavior in only 30 days! The instructions to accomplish this marvelous feat are simple yet powerful, combining basic psychology with profound spiritual wisdom.

The Power to Stop is the book you have always hoped to find, and you will want to buy several copies to share with friends and family. I’m making my list of lucky recipients right now.

Rev. Myron Jones
Author, Healing Family Relationships and Hey, Holy Spirit, It’s Me Again Pathways of Light Minister http://www.forgivenesisthewayhome.org

Anyone who wants renewed hope and specific, how-to guidance on changing a habit will benefit from this book. The Power to Stop is affirming and uplifting…like a visit with a dear friend.

Suzanne Zoglio, PhD
Author, Create A Life that Tickles Your Soul and Recharge In Minutes
Motivational Speaker, Writer, Coach

A truly creative, one-of-a-kind application of the principles of A Course In Miracles. This very specific 30-dayprogram defies all our expectations for how to gain control of addictive behaviors. Karen affirms our power, tells us to use it, not to manifest our dreams but to stop. She extols self-love and refuses to motivate with guilt, yet guides us to say no to even culturally approved self-indulgence. She praises the innate spirit within us, yet has us express that spirit by refusing our ego in ways we’ve been told simply can’t be done. People often ask me how to deal with their addictions in a way that reflects A Course In Miracles. Aside from pointing them to certain sections, I haven’t had much to say. Now I can point to this book.

Robert Perry
Founder, Circle of Atonement

Simply put, “the ego is not the Self.” Thinking that something which is not of God can have power over us, leads us down an unpleasant path of despair. Karen Bentley’s new book, The Power to Stop is a potent tool in helping us to bring an end to insane ego thinking, choose once again and follow God’s plan for salvation.

Jon Mundy, PhD
Author, Living A Course In Miracles
Publisher, Miracles Magazine

In The Power to Stop we are gently reminded of the Light of Christ within each of us. Karen Bentley walks with us on our loving kindness quest to our spiritual destination and we become witnesses to her conversations with the Voice of the Holy Spirit, and feel the guidance of her mighty companions, our brothers Carlos Castaneda and Jesus.

In reading Karen’s words I am reminded of one of my favorite passages in A Course In Miracles: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety. Patience is natural to the teacher of God. All he sees is certain outcome, at a time perhaps unknown to him as yet, but not in doubt.”

So no matter how many 30-day journeys we may take… as we allow Karen to take us on this journey remember to be patient, gentle and…trust! Know the outcome is certain and will lead us to our Christ-self.

Sharon Sherrard
Co-founder, A Center For Inner Peace

Being sick and tired of feeling like a victim all the time really does wear us down, and why does it always seem that we get the booby prize in life? Well, after reading this book the only booby prize is if you don’t follow it through to the end! The Power to Stop really did show me that it is just what your right mind has been waiting for. A 30-day powerful program to claiming your power back. This book shows that Karen’s many valuable lessons in life were all for this very purpose to come up with a totally brilliant new approach to an age old thought system of old, old ego habits and beliefs that still run our life today. With this fresh and essential new tool kit added to your arsenal, a more peaceful and joyful journey I believe is guaranteed. Well done sister.

Steve Thompson
ACIM Student

Much applause for Karen Bentley’s The Power to Stop. Having been a long-time advocate of the application of spiritual discipline as taught in A Course In Miracles, The Power to Stop offers anyone an introduction into the powerful life-changing benefits when the choice is made to change perception.

I was very honestly impressed with your work. The world needs more like you. Bravo Karen!

Joe Wolfe
Author, The End of Reincarnation with the Five Signs and Letter To A Prisoner
Founder of Spirit Light Outreach

Karen Bentley is one of my author clients with a big heart and a powerful, inspiring message. She brings much-needed hope to anyone who thinks they can’t end a behavior which has become a bad habit or destructive addiction.

Steve Harrison
RADIO-TV INTERVIEW REPORT, the magazine producers read to find guests

ACIM is a gift for all mankind, a gift that can be applied to all the challenges of life. The Course can be summarized as a three-step forgiveness process where one faces the wrong-minded situation, recalls our perfection as the Perfect Child of God that we are; and then turns the situation over to the Holy Spirit with no strings attached.

Karen Bentley has given us a wonderful book to help us stop out-of-control behavior based on this forgiveness process and has done so in easy-to-follow plain language.

Bob LeRoy
President, Open Doors Classroom for the Universal Course

Karen, your all day workshop for Open Doors in Quincy last Saturday was FABULOUS!!! You did an outstanding job!! You have a wonderful presentation style, so engaging and you are such a wealth of information. Many of us had already read your book, “The Power to Stop” and just loved it. You have so much to offer the world. Keep it coming. THANK YOU!!!

Fran Spayne

Emotions such as anger, resentment and hatred manifest themselves in the body as sickness. The Book of Love provides powerful insights to heal the human spirit to achieve optimal health and well-being, which is essential if we ever hope to achieve optimal health and well-being. Healthcare in the 21st century will focus on the prevention of sickness and disease.

Dr. Peter A. Viteritti
Northboro MA

If you're really interested in peace and in stopping the violence in our world, then you should read this book. I like this book because it makes it so easy to understand how to be a more loving being.

Greta Gunther

What Karen Bentley has to say about how we love and where it will lead us makes sense. My mind has been opened.

Liz Thompson

This is a practical love lesson for anyone who needs it.

Neil Sumner

This author is genuine and helps one find the way to being a truly loving human being.

Dr. Bernie Siegel
Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Prescriptions for Living

...This is the kind of self-help book for which there is a large audience. The author has read widely and speaks her truth from the place of her own experience. While the spiritual overlay here is more metaphysical and New Thought, with healthy doses of A Course In Miracles, it always feels inclusive and the material seems directed to the big middle of seekers. I think this is a terrific book and one of the best of the books I've been asked to review.

Joe Durepos
Writer's Digest Book Award Evaluator

My personal criteria for a good book is if I want to keep reading it with a highlighter and pen in hand. This is that kind of book.
Overall reaction = 10 (top score)
Writing = 10 (top score)
This book is "excellent" compared to other competitors in the same category.

2003 Benjamin Franklin Award Book Reviewer

I enjoyed your book tremendously.

Elsa Holstrom

The Book of Love has helped me to see not only that I can extend love but than I can also choose to live in harmlessness. This is not something I had really ever looked at beofre. Not only to avoid attack -- but to avoid responding to attack -- is to live harmlessly. Thank you for this most important insight.

Steve Whitson

The Book of Love deals with a very important topic, namely love and spirituality, which I feel is one of the major antidotes to a divided world.

Samuel P. Oliner, PhD
Professor of Sociology
Project Director, The Altruistic Personality and Prosocial Behavior Institute

Everyone in the world is searching for true and lasting happiness. Most are looking for love in all the wrong places. How do we find it? Karen Bentley's new book, The Book of Love, gives the reader a new framework for thinking that will lead them to the awareness of the real Love that lies at the core of everyone's being.

Robert and Mary Stoelting

This book is like the yellow brick road to enlightenment. It's simple. It's innocent. And it's inspiring. Karen Bentley makes an enlightened way of life practical and doable. She takes the perfectly ordinary and makes it perfectly extraordinary. It's basically around joining in the ordinary and allow it to open to love. This allows us to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, thought by thought, moment by moment. Her authenticity shines through the material.

Vicki Poppe

This truly is a book I will read again and cherish. The author totally convinced me that my idea of love was really more ego-based than heartfelt, and that my ego was doing nothing to bring me the happiness I seek. The Book of Love is really about being the most spiritually evolved humans we can be, and of course the end result of that being totally loving and harmless to others.

Marie Jones

I love this book. It's so beautiful, so clear, so crisp, so well organized. It's just fantastic.

Jill Geller

I enjoyed reading The Book of Love and found it very spiritual and thought-provoking. Well done!

Yolande Brodeur

I finished your book and loved it! Congratulations, Karen, it certainly deserves every possible praise and success! I keep sending you best wishes for Oprah to call, because that seems to be what you want. But you do not need Oprah to call!

Maria Celeste Maia

I really loved your book. This is a winner. It's really, really good. I was really moved by it, and I want to read it a second time.

Marj Reppert

I've been meaning to write you to thank you for writing The Book of Love. It's enlightening and refreshing. The book really makes you stop and think about how we think about love. I've found your exercises in love to be very helpful in my daily life -- especially the one where you say to yourself "I could see peace instead of this." I have introduced that to my family and have found myself saying it out loud in front of my son. I could go on and on about this book....I think it should be a prerequisite for people to read before they enter into a relationship, get married, have children, etc.

Lita Motroni

Karen, I don't know how you feel, but for me "guilt" has got to be the greatest culprit that most people use to hold themselves back from greater peace and any degree of happiness. The Ron Kovic story really drives home with poignancy guilt's "secret wish to kill yourself" that you demonstrate. Your book is a great gift to us...Thanks.

Jack Roddy

10 Radiant Ideas will grab your attention and hold it from the first page to the last...To meet Karen is to experience an energetic presence that pulls you into her vitality and love. While reading her book, I felt as though I were with her in person, interacting with deep conversation about life and its meaning. Karen's writing is intensley personal...As I got deeper into her book, I realized that I had underlined something on almost every page...

John Nagy
Chairman of The Quest Foundation

Karen Bentley cuts through the confusion and makes complex Course ideas very easy to understand. It's a gem.

Mo Jessup

Why don't we see the Kingdom of Heaven? We don't see it because we are in it. Heaven is within. We are looking without from Heaven and haven't seen it because it is within. Karen Bentley's book makes it clear that we have been mistaken in our thinking and need only change our minds.

Robert Leroy, Chairman of Open Doors

This book very simply and with clear examples explains A Course In Miracles (ACIM) in a language you can understand. I enjoyed the format and the author's writing style. I had previously tried to read other books, including the text of A Course In Miracles itself, and found them very technical and hard to understand.

Many people would define this book as "New Age." I found it to be pretty down to earth, describing a philosophy or a way of thinking that could be used in whole or in part no matter what your religious beliefs. The author asks you to merely consider the ideas she presents, to try them on and see if they ring true for you and fit what you want for your life.

The book is only just over 100 pages, but it really is a great introduction. The back of the book includes sites for ACIM and a list of recommended ACIM authors and their books.

I may adopt some of the ACIM ways of thinking...or I may not...but I can tell you that I felt soo good, soo calm and peaceful and filled with an experience of God's love for me after reading this book. I read it just a few days ago, underlined and highlighted much of it, and then read it again really slowly today, just to let it sink in deeper.

If you are a seeker looking to explore a different way of thinking than what you currently have, you will probably like it. If you aren't really open to new ideas, then the "10 Radiant Ideas" won't be too attractive to you. Nevertheless, I think it's a great book, and the author succeeded at her goal: To explain ACIM to someone totally unfamiliar with it, and to do it in a way that gives the reader a real sense of what it might be like to believe in this way.

Ms. O. Khannah-Brown

An uplifting and inspiring work.

Robin Quinn

Karen, I read your fabulous book, and it is truly an amazing work.

Peggy Munson

Riveting God stuff that makes you seriously think about your basic beliefs. I especially like the idea that God is love and only love and does not judge or punish us. The last chapter includes a complete reinterpretation of the Lord's Prayer.

Anonymous Reader

This book is the clearest, most concise explanation of A Course In Miracles I have ever read. Bentley has the rare ability to discuss complex ideas in a way that makes them easy to understand and consider. This book would appeal to anyone who desires exposure to an alternative view about God, but without attachment to any religion. It definitely opens your mind to a new way of thinking.

Anonymous Reader

I was swept away by grace as I read Karen Bentley's wonderful book, 10 Radiant Ideas. Not only are these ideas radiant but they sparkle with the clarity of a diamong as they reflect the Truth with shimmering simplicity.

Maureen Mueller

Easy to read. Easy to follow. Easy to live. Easy, easy, easy

Mike Hoag

Thank you. I'm looking forward to my success and perhaps a conference of yours.

Larry Porter

I like that I can do this all on my own. So far I've lost 5 pounds.

Maria Wieder

Karen Bentley explains the chemistry of food, and now that I understand it, I have started losing weight. I lost 12 pounds the first month.

Jeff Whitten

I lost 10 pounds in a month. It was much easier than I ever thought it would be. To my surprise, I didn't miss the sugar.

Phyllis McPhearson

Very, very motivational. I'm about ready to "just do it."

Terry Varney

I'm really loving it. Thank you.

Sandra Dube

Thank you very much for your diet tips, and if I may say so, you are one beautiful lady.

Francine Sollerwally

Thank you for the books. They have been a very helpful tool for education for our family as we move closer toward our goal of healthy, whole lives and bodies.

Natasha Cozart

All I did was to cut the sugar out of my diet. Even though I occasionally eat foods made with white flour, I lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks.

Marsha Dunne

Karen Bentley is a splendid guide for taking personal responsibility for weight loss and health.

Hildegard E. Peplau, RN, EdD
Past President of American Nurses Association

Before reading this book, it never occurred to me that sugar had such a big influence on my weight.

Catherine Hicks

I never knew why I ate as I did and why I couldn't control it. Sooo many answers are in this book.

Alice LeBlanc

I'm halfway through it, and I'm filled with hope. For many years I've been on a roller coaster as you have, but finally there is a desperate willingness to change.

Sue Wheeler

The Sugar-Free Miracle is well written and clearly well researched. I totally agree that the "fat free" legend has helped Americans gain weight. Additionally, your pyramid concept is more in line with what people SHOULD be eating….I enjoyed the book and hope it's a bestseller!

Donna Ulbricht

I'm 53 for another week, and I’m 5'4". My ideal weight is about 125 to 130. I never got on the scale, so I don't exactly know how much I weighed. At my worst I was into size 16 and getting sick about it. Now I'm a 10. I love it.

Weight has been an issue in my life since I was 13 and up. I've been on more programs than you can imagine. I was on Diet Workshop. I did Weight Watchers. I did the Zone. Everything worked, but it didn't work. A couple of them you have to go to classes, and I don't have time for that. The Zone was fine, but you're always concentrating on combinations. I was looking and looking and looking for something. I saw your ad and read it and I couldn't wait to call. I needed something. I was dragging, and I was putting on the weight. And more than putting on the weight was the compulsion with food. And I knew in my head if I hooked into something good, it was going to turn around for me. It took 24 hours to start feeling good. I just noticed that within 24 to 36 hours the cravings disappear. My eating is so different now. I'm not compulsive. I'm not all the time eating whatever. I don't have any cravings. I don't crave any potatoes, rice or any of that stuff.

The only craving that I have is for nuts, and I look forward to my daily nuts. I have a snack with nuts. I make different mixtures. And that's it. I’m full. It's amazing. But the best thing, the best is the energy. The energy is amazing. I have more energy than my 15-year old daughter. I've gone through a lot of things right now with losing my mother, and my dad's been in the hospital for a month. And the energy I have is wonderful. I just have this energy 24 hours a day.

I can manage this program anywhere. So, like in the hospital, I go down to the cafeteria, and they put a salad bar out every day. I always carry around a piece of fruit with me. And I'm a water freak. On the road I have my fruit or my nuts. When my husband I go out, I know where to go and what to order.

This is the way I'm going to be. There's no maintaining. It just is. I'm not thinking about what I'm going to be eating. It's automatic. I don't need time off. You know what I mean? I'm off. I’m contented.

Regarding success tips for others, the first thing is you've got to read this book. That's huge. They've got to do the workbook, too, which I did every day, and it was wonderful, too. The writing in the workbook is very important. It helps you to focus on what you're doing. I also think that people shouldn't get on the scale. But I finally got on the scale the other day, and I took off maybe 40 pounds. There's all kinds of programs out there. This works. I feel good. And I don't feel like I’m doing anything unusual. If more people did it, it would be wonderful, because they would feel good, too.

I eat three meals, and when I'm cooking I really make everything flavorful. I always have a snack or two. I love it. It's wonderful. Thank you, Karen. I'm so glad I saw you in the newspaper.

Judy Flynn

The Sugar-Free Miracle™ is a winner. It's a simple premise with a simple solution and path to losing weight…You have convinced me that sugar and processed foods are bad…The diet is reasonable, doable, and not overwhelming.

Charlotte Brook-Signor

Karen Bentley understands weight management. She knows that losing weight and gaining weight are predictable outcomes based on the way that you eat. Her book will help you to lose weight and to keep it off because it's written by someone who passionately lives, teaches and writes about successful weight management.

Her book puts emphasis on eliminating caloric sweeteners and highly processed food from the diet, eating lots of vegetables, and using naturally-occurring dietary fats to minimize hunger, enjoy food, and feel satisfied. Her recommendations are simple, practical, powerful and healthy.

Craig W. Markert, MD

I've lost 24 pounds on the Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet System.

Tony L.

I lost 16 pounds on the Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet. I'm also a Type 2 diabetic and eating this way keeps my blood sugar in a normal range.

Bill B.

It hasn’t been a struggle. What a surprise.

Roy S.

It's hard to believe how much food I can eat on the Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet and still lose weight. For the past 9 weeks I've lost at least 1 pound and usually 2 pounds every week. I'm surprised at how easy it is to live with.

Lexi S.

I found everything and made the cookies exactly according to your directions. Flavor was incredibly good. Loved them! A total thumbs up.

Bonnie Longwill

If, like me, you have to eat a whole bag of chips or a whole box of cookies before you're satisfied, then this is the book for you. Until I read The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook, I resisted doing without sugars and flours and instead relied on counseling and just eating healthy. It's really very nice to have someone to talk to, but it didn't do all that much for my eating problem or for my weight.

I've also tried giving myself "a little" sugary treats because I really believed a little of anything couldn't possibly be bad, but that hasn't worked out either. For the past week, I've been living without caloric sweeteners or flours, and it’s going pretty well for me. I'm full. I'm not crazy with food. I'm feeling good about myself.

Jennifer Inostrozaon

You have to eat a lot of food on this diet, and I mean a lot. The guideline for veggies is 1.5 to 2.0 pounds per day, which is way more than I've ever eaten before. You also eat a filling amount of protein, a small amount of dairy, and one piece of fruit. I've been following The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet for about a week now, and there's so much food, it's easier than I thought it would be. So far, I lost 3 pounds.

John Giorla

Just finished your book, and I LOVED IT!!!! I am feeling highly motivated now and I think I will be fine, organizing, purging and buying the right foods the next couple of weeks. Your advice and book were really wonderful and comprehensive! As I said I am highly motivated now and ready to proceed.


This is a guide to once and for all, getting this thing called eating and nutrition, right. From a focal point, two major camps of "baddies" are focused on: sugars and flours. I have read the revised version of Sugar Busters; which is a rundown of sugar's harmful effects and the importance of understanding the GI (or glucose index) of varying foods. The Sugar Free Miracle Diet was made for those suffering from certain food addictions, especially those that pack on the pounds. It's no surprise that what's in the typical processed American diet is worse than you thought.

I got some good takeaways:
• Veggies are better by the pound. (I like to steam mine; keeps the vitamins in.)
• The GI thing can be a tad misleading.
• It is NOT my imagination that I always feel unsatisfied an hour later after filling up at the local Chinese buffet (I feel that I will have to rethink my initial fondness for these places)
• An easier way to interpret ingredients labels without going crazy (as so many listed things are hard to pronounce-and those things are the “baddies”.)

Diabetes runs in my family and I know that I have to be mindful of my own diet, even more so. I'm glad to have this arsenal of better eating tips; I've gotten a chance to rethink what I've been eating, cooking, and shopping for.


I didn't realize how much impact the type of foods that I eat have on my food addiction. Before reading The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook, I was limiting consumption of fats. Now I've started to eat fats again, but I'm limiting consumption of caloric sweeteners and flours. This one change is really making a big difference for me. For once, I'm not constantly hungry or obsessed with food. Also, the advice to just concentrate on solving my issue with food is a big relief.

Annie Rovello

This book really helped me in my struggle to not only lose weight but to become more healthy as well! After ordering the book, I rigorously followed the 3 steps that are outlined throughout the book and within the first week I had lost about 9 pounds. Not only do I attribute my quick weight loss to following this book, it was also very well written and a great read to gain information from to share with people you love.

I had a problem with stress eating and binge eating and I feel like the author outlined not only the cause of my problems but gave me easy solutions and guidelines on how to fix them. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who has a week to dedicate to really working on their food problems or addictions.

Alex Noon

Being in the corporate arena means sitting at your desk 9 to 5; going home tired and binging on a couch in front of the TV. That’s the routine that I’ve adopted for a few years now. This has also been the reason as to why I have gained an extra 40 pounds in the past couple of years. Lack-luster, bland and colorless are the perfect adjectives to describe my life until I found Karen's Sugar-free Miracle Diet. Who would have thought that the secret to losing weight is eating more?? Yes eating more! The secret is not starving rather eating healthy.

As I turned the pages of the book I realized how dieticians have misguided me in the past. Karen's book is so organized; starts off with the hidden truth, followed by the golden steps to adopt and then as a bonus, it incorporates the perfect recipes. I have lost almost 12 pounds in the last month thanks to the genius literature. Everything it says makes sense, once you notice the change in your body. It's not only that I'm losing weight but I'm also feeling more fresh in my daily routine which has helped me stay motivated at work.

When my colleagues asked me which gym am I going to; I shared with them the wisdom and knowledge acquired from Karen's book. Guess who was named employee of the month? I highly recommend this book if you want to change your life for the good.


5 Stars! The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook is amazing. I feel so happy and relieved about coming in contact with this book.

Here is my own feel about it. Firstly, this provides a direct approach to solving the problem of overeating. I am happy because not only has it enlightened me, but also it goes a long way to validate any statement scientifically. Another interesting feature about the book is that it still encourages the intake of food but advice against intake of caloric sweeteners that increases the release of insulin.

Its recommendations are constructive, logical and feasible. I also understood how important it is to maintain a carbohydrate-excess diet as carbohydrate excess is linked directly to increased fat storage, secondary to excessive insulin secretion. The seven practical sugar-free miracle diet rule are so practical and easy to follow and am so happy it worked for me just after 3 weeks of consistent adherence.

Thanks so much for this master piece and I think this book is a must read for our generation.

Angela Strayhorn

(NOTE: The Ultimate Spiritual Weight Loss Solution is no longer available, but the general content is still available in two new books: The Power to Stop (for the spiritual aspect) and The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook (for a specific diet and weight loss aspect).

We all make New Year's resolutions and then quickly forget them, but The Ultimate Spiritual Weight Loss Solutionwill last you a lifetime.

Patricia Fripp
Award-winning Keynote Speaker and Speech Coach

I loved reading The Ultimate Spiritual Weight Loss Solution, and didn't want it to stop. Now I secretly think of myself as a spiritual warrior, and I want to win the "fight" to love myself.

Diane Burken

I like the daily steps in The Ultimate Spiritual Weight Loss Solution. I like that I can have a good day just by doing the steps.

Sylvia Carter

I'm enthralled with your book, The Ultimate Spiritual Weight Loss Solution. It's so well written. I pick it up every spare moment I have.

Patricia Moyer

The Ultimate Spiritual Weight Loss Solution is different from everything else I have ever read about compulsive eating. It made me think about myself in a kinder way. It's very, very inspiring.

Suelin Chan

The Ultimate Spiritual Weight Loss Solution teaches how to stop out-of-control eating through self-love. Karen Bentley clearly explains how to be love in a practical, positive and uplifting way through the use of four daily "miracle skills."

Suzanne Willis Zoglio
Author of Create A Life that Tickles Your Soul and Recharge in Minutes

The peanut butter and cream cheese nugget snack is fast and easy to make, easy to carry around, and a whole lot cheaper than buying snack bars. Just having one of them fills me up.

Andrea S.

I love the delicious veggies. They're my new favorite thing to eat.

Meghan V.

I never knew you could have Italian foods and lose weight.

Dan S.

Soups are divine!

Cathy L.

Karen Bentley is an informative, super-charged seminar leader. She persuaded me to change my thinking about the impact of sugar and other caloric sweeteners in the diet. I have not heard this information elsewhere. Not to be missed.

Caroline Snyder

Karen Bentley, I can't thank you enough for teaching me how to read and interpret the ingredients list on food labels. Now I can't stop reading labels. It's made a big difference in the foods I buy and eat.

Tammy Jencks

I just attended Karen Bentley's "It's the Sugar, Stupid!" seminar. There was standing room only, and it was broadcast to three other locations. My only suggestion for improvement is that I wish she could have spent more time with us. Her presentation was just too short, and I wanted to hear more. Much of what she shared was unexpected. All of it was helpful. She definitely changed the way I think about sugars.

Devra Falcone

just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how much I enjoyed your recent class on the dangers and effects of sugar at Granite State College. Because of your session, I am now a relentless consumer-reader of the ingredients on all products I normally (used to??) buy. There was so much to cover, I only wish that the class could have been longer!

Beth Darasz

If only we had had more time!! I enjoyed the entire presentation. You have pulled together a lot of data to make a strong case against sugar and all the dangerous derivatives. This information makes it easier for me to shop and design the meals that will keep me in good health for all of these retirement years. Focusing on the sugar content in foods is simple, understandable, and doable. The nutrition community has delivered so many strong, wrong messages over the years. At my age, I have lived through enough of the changes to doubt most nutrition advice. Thank you for a clear, reasonable approach to eating in and eating out!

Virginia West

Good day Karen, I attended and really enjoyed your brown bag lecture for the UMass OLLI program on March 14,2016. At the time I said that I hoped that you'd be back for a longer presentation.

Robert S.

I am among your many fans from your OLLI Brown Bag this past Monday. We could have listened to you another hour or more. Such good information. Being diabetic, your information is of great value to me. Thank you.

Donna G.

I attended your talk at UMass Boston's OLLI Brown Bag yesterday. It was very informative, a little frightening, and perhaps life changing. I wish there had been more time. You have explained and put forward plain truths that most of us don't want to know and I do believe being educated about such important matters is an obligation we owe ourselves and our families. As usual, it is somewhat distressing to realize the government is somehow complicit in this awful trend Americans are caught up in. Thank you again.

Linda McDonald

I really enjoyed your presentation today. It would be great if you turned it into 2 or 3 classes. So much to cover/learn.

Karen MacIsaac

I found your talk very interesting and hope you’ll be back.

Dorothy M

This was a really helpful, informative seminar. Karen Bentley definitely changed my mind about sugar. I've been reading food and drink labels ever since.

Anne Smythe

I didn’t want your sugar seminar to end. It was filled with information everyone should know, but doesn’t. I can honestly say I now look at food labels differently and I shop differently, too. Going through the glycemic index measurements for your friend’s meal was an eye-opener!

Meg Fallon

If you think you know all about sugar, you probably don't. Karen opened my eyes! I wish this talk could have gone longer or perhaps I need to hear it all again to absorb it all. Karen was so informative and presented her talk so clearly and with such enthusiasm.

Marea Kerrigan

Early in 2016 I was diagnosed with prediabetes. It came as no real surprise as I had been border line just under the glucose count for at least a decade. As part of my care my primary offered to send me to a nutritionist. They both agreed that if I lost considerable weight I would likely vastly improve my blood sugar levels. The nutirtionist placed me on a low carb diet in which I was to restrict myself to a max of 30 carbs per meal. It worked like a charm, as you said without the sugar I lost my craving for food and although this was a big change, I started to loose weight. Within a month I went from 208 lbs. to 179 lbs. after a month of this new weight my primary took a blood sample and as they predicted, I was now below the Prediabetes blood sugar range. I’ve now leveled out at the 180 – 185 lb. range which is where they want me and am anxiously awaiting my next blood test in Feb.

I am happy with my course of action. I wonder why although my previous primary told me I was borderline under, I was never told the extent of what I was doing wrong nutritionally. I tried at the time to lower my candy, cookie, beer etc. intake but never understood the role of carbs and sugar completely. So my course could have been completely changed had I met you or had that knowledge 10 years ago! From the reaction of folks in the Olli class most didn’t understand the problems with sugar either. Like you, I wonder why the message is not getting out. Your course not only completely backed up what my nutritionist said but provided new information on reading labels and the role of hydrogenated products. I am very grateful to you for this. Only today, I read a label on one of our products to find it claimed to have zero carbs but had sugar listed as the second most ingrediant!

John Keator

Your seminar was great, and I recommend it to anyone who’s interested in healthier eating. Thank you for helping me to understand that sugar is just one of many caloric sweeteners and how to identify them on the ingredients list. Also, you’re the first person to ever explain why trans fats are dangerous and how to avoid them. Thank you.

Leona Platt

I've been paying more attention to sugars and breads and potatoes ever since I took your seminar. You are interesting and your information was an eye-opener. I wish we had more time.

Carolynn Meese

My wife and I recently took a course conducted by Karen Bentley called “It’s The Sugar Stupid”. This was truly an “eye opening” class that brought needed, current data to our attention. As an adult onset type II diabetic, I already was aware of many of the dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and the need to avoid excessive carbohydrates. Karen’s professional presentation goes further to expose the insidious amounts and types of sugars, of all kinds, that have been added to an enormous amount of our processed foods. Karen’s methodic analysis and simple presentation of everyday foods, exposes the hidden dangers to all Americans. Her scientific guidelines and recommended sugar alternatives presentation provides valuable information for future corrective actions. She additionally provides a vital in-depth view into the critical need to learn the proper way to read food labels, in order to avoid the hidden amounts of sugar, in everyday “innocently appearing” foods that we buy and eat on a regular basis. Her books and presentation would be a high value addition to all grammar school, high school and college level courses throughout the country.

Mike Short

For me one of the best parts was the exercise in gratitude. It was very uplifting to find something to be grateful about with all the people who piss you off.

MaryAnn Trapani

This seminar was well-presented and gave a good balance of talking, reading, exchanging ideas with other people,and doing experientials to bring it to the personal level.


Karen brings a wonderful lightness and joyful quality to her work. I am very grateful to have taken part in her workshop.

Peter Phippen

I really liked all the interactive demonstrations. They made me laugh and were very useful to me.

Brian Nash

Thank you. I came to a new awareness of love and foriveness. I highly recommend her seminar to anyone.

Linda Riddell

A really powerful seminar that inspired me.

Kim Loughlin

The one concept of attack and non-attack was the most useful to me. I have not thought about love this way before.

Paul O'Donnell

I am a better man for having taken it.

John D.

God bless you.


To say that "things happen for a reason" is an understatement in this case. Your words were what I call "my other person" talking to me. You gave me validation in so many of the thoughts and feelings that I have been experiencing as I get older and hopefully wiser. I love the way you speak -- sounds corny, but your voice is so soothing and assured, while maintaining a very professional, yet caring demeanor. Karen, I'm very happy to have met you.

Donna R.

In this seminar you can learn the basics of what is important in life and why.

Evelyn Guillette

I deeply recommend this seminar to everyone on who is on a spiritual path and who aspires to greater happiness, clarity and fulfillment.

Virginia Mather

You inspired me to rise above some pettiness. Thank you.

Denise Correlle

Words like love, forgiveness and peace have a new meaning for me now. I was deeply touched by this powerful seminar.

David Harte

Your passion was contagious, and I applaud it. A succinct and graceful presentation.

Linda Pesce

I loved the way you pointed out radical, non-compromising spiritual ideas. It also meant alot to me to hear you speak of how we must go through these shifts alone, with the Holy Spirit as our only friend at times. I loved your little stories and the way you usually put yourself in the character of the one who had it wrong.

Nancy Wiesner

All I can say is Wow. Your God Without Religion seminar was a real surprise. I'm still thinking about all you shared with us. I was deeply touched. Thank you.

Rick Walz

Profound. Powerful. Practical. And a bit startling, but in a good way. Thank you for the mind-opening experience. I'll be thinking about this for a while.

Adrian G.

I can't thank you enough for introducing me to A Course In Miracles and the path of Love.

Catherine B.

I thought you gave us some really important information about sugar and nutrition, and I just wish you had more time to talk to us.

Nancy Morrison

I went to Karen's Sugar-Free Miracle™ seminar and was instantly persuaded to change my eating habits by her explanation of "syrup" in my bloodstream.

Amanda M.

So far I lost a total of 16 pounds. I've been mostly following The Sugar-Free Miracle™ guidelines that I got at Karen Bentley's seminar, but I changed the portions a little bit to work better for me. I'm surprised that I can eat fat and lose weight.

Stacey Kaplan

I wanted to thank you for presenting to our group. You were so gracious and accommodating with our time and space, but more than that the feedback has been glowing. You really made an impact, and they really got what you were trying to tell us. I think showing them how to read those labels is one of the major eye openers. Anyway, you made me look good, and I really appreciate it.

Sharon Meyer

I really enjoyed your presentation. It was so informative and so easy to understand.

Diane Desclos

I thought you gave us some really important information about sugar and nutrition.

Jenna K.

I enjoyed your presentation at the Massachusetts Women's conference in Boston last week. It was very informative and I learned a lot. Thank you!

Laurie Friedman

Your seminar about artificial sweeteners was very informative and helpful to me. Now I know exactly what two products to pick and how much to use. The stories you told about Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton was eye-opening. I never realized a president would get involved or have so much influence over artificial sweeteners. Thank you.

Rosa Hernandez

I listened to you at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. I thought it was very informative and eye opening.

Ruhan Inanoglu

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