The Book of Love

book_of_loveThe purpose of The Book of Love is to show how to strategically use your most difficult relationships to manifest your Christ-self. The term “Christ” is used in a non-religious, non-denominational way to describe the wholly loving and benign divinity that dwells within us all.

The fastest and most efficient way to begin to recognize self as a loving being is under fire. It’s easy, for example, to be loving when things go your way and when the people in your world are pleasing. It’s not so easy, however, to be loving when other people thwart or disappoint you. In these situations, it takes awareness and a tiny bit of effort to override the automatic impulse to indulge a hateful thought and deliberately act with awareness of self as Christ.

Challenging situations and the people who push your buttons are extremely important and useful because they inspire your divinity to emerge. Otherwise, who would bother to do the work? It’s a paradox. Everyone wants to learn about love from happy, loving experiences where others are providing love to
us. But love is only learned when you provide the love that’s missing. This is how you recognize and experience self as love.

The Book of Love gives the reader six powerful, practical and easy tools for overriding the impulse to be hateful or sad and for acting as a loving being, no matter what. They include harmlessness, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, communion and asking for what’s wanted. Use of these tools automatically strengthens the connection to God and restores the reader’s awareness of his or her own irrefutable, immutable goodness. Awareness of self as a source and force for Love is essential for a happy and wholesome life experience.

Ideas from The Book of Love are drawn from the universal principles in A Course In Miracles, also known as ACIM
or “The Course.” A Course In Miracles is the path to God without organized religion. It’s not necessary to be familiar with A Course
In Miracles
to read or appreciate The Book of Love.

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