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Harmlessness is love, and it’s the only thing that really matters.
Karen Bentley

New Endorsement for THE POWER TO STOP

My latest book, The Power to Stop, is a bestseller on Amazon Kindle.  Here’s the latest endorsement, and it’s all the way from Nepal!

MadanManandharA very inspirational book to anyone who  is struggling with self-destructive habits  

This `The Power to Stop’ by Karen Bentley is a  great book and you need to read it. The reason is it is such as book is because it focuses  on the doing, “the stopping,” is what makes this a convincing program.  Practice does not make perfect; only purposeful practice makes perfect. To live by example, not just in thoughts and in words, but also in deeds is to live with complete purpose. The book contains  a 30-day training program that could definitely be classified as a self-help workbook.   The entire book, I found  is extremely well-written and easy to understand; sKaren  uses personal stories and  relevant examples for clarity.

What a great story teller Karen is !  whenever, I surf  websites for a positive  thinking and deaddiction related books  in the internet,  such as Amajon .com, every time, I come across at least one talking about this practical  guide book  Is Ms Karen Bentley  all over the airwaves, or are her stories just re-telleble?

Karen’s book  will surely change the perception of people towards the addicted. Understand more about addiction, more about addictive psychology, more about how to help these people to get deaddicted. It will also help parents/relatives/ wifes/ husbands / brother / sister to understand their addicted relative  Indeed, the power to stop needs very little advance preparation  or additional costs.

With clarity and passion, she presents her ideas and provides an easy-to-follow framework that can be of benefit to anyone who struggles with self-destructive habits. This is truly a a friendly, practical and engaging plan of action for stopping self-destructive behavior.  I found this book equally  inspirational to people community  living  in the South Asian counties,  like Nepal.   Many kudos to Karen. Madan

Dr. Madan Manandhar, Kathmandu, Sept 27, 2014

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