About Karen

Karen Bentley at book fairKaren Bentley is a bestselling author, a passionate educator, a speaker and a sugar-free expert. Bentley has the rare ability to explain complex ideas in a smart, easily understandable and actionable way.  Her combination of relevant information and can do motivation is hard to beat.

In 1990 Bentley co-founded The Bentley Company, where she served as a nationwide customer satisfaction expert. In 2006 she founded the The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Company.  From 2008-2009 Bentley was the host and executive producer of the MyThin Lifestyle Radio Show.  And in 2012 she founded The Sugar-Free Institute, dedicated to increasing public awareness of the harmful effects of caloric sweeteners in our food supply.

Altogether, Bentley is the author of 17 books as well as hundreds of articles, reviews and blog posts. Three of her books explain different methodologies for developing personal power and greatness.

  • The Power to Stop, an Amazon Kindle bestseller, teaches how to become a powerful and achieve greatness through the undoing of an unwanted behavior.
  • The Book of Love teaches how to become powerful and achieve greatness through your most difficult and challenging relationships.
  • 10 Radiant Ideas teaches how to become powerful and achieve greatness by re-examining your beliefs about God, especially beliefs involving suffering and sacrifice.

Bentley graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern University with a B.S. in education, was class valedictorian, and winner of the prestigious Boston Bouvé Award for Academic Achievement.

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