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PROOF OF HEAVEN: Two Thumbs Up Book Review

ProofHeavenThis is a reprint of my 5-star review of Proof of Heaven on Amazon.com:

Proof of Heaven is a beautifully written book with a smarty crafted story, and it’s a great pleasure just to read it. Author Eben Alexander puts unusual intelligence into sharing his extraordinary near death experience (NDE), and I have a high regard for all writers who exercise such care and precision with their words.

I picked up Proof of Heaven on a whim in an airport bookstore and could not put it down until it was finished. Since then, I read the book completely through a second time and consider it the most important and helpful book I’ve read in the past year — maybe longer.

Proof of Heaven is a bit different from othes NDE books because it’s told from Alexander’s perspective as a practicing neurosurgeon and because Alexander had a 7-day near death experience, which is longer and deeper than those that have been previously reported. “…mine was a technically near-impeccable near-death experience, perhaps one of the most convincing such cases in modern history.”

When Alexander unexpectedly awoke from his 7-day coma, he felt a compelling sense of personal and scientific duty to tell others that love is the basis of everything, and our sole purpose is to become more living beings. Alexander says we have a divine love connection with our Creator, and that our eternal spiritual nature is more real than anything we can perceive in our physical world. “The unconditional love and acceptance that I experienced on my journey is the single most important discovery I have ever made or will ever make…”

It’s interesting that Alexander explains and talks about his afterlife experience without relying on traditional religion of any kind. God is sometimes referred to as Om. There’s no interaction with Jesus or other familiar religious figures. There’s no quoting of Biblical scripture or other religious docments, and I personally liked this a lot.

Proof of Heaven already has thousands of rave reviews on Amazon.com. The reason I’m adding mine is because it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I recommend it to everyone and especially to spiritually oriented people, scientists, skeptics, and people who are suffering from a serious or terminal disease. So very worth the purchase price. Proof of Heaven is as good as it gets for non-fiction.

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